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  • Architect : Marc Lombard
  • LOA : 12,18 m
  • BOA : 4,49 m
  • Draft : 3,00 m
  • Displacement : 4650 kg
  • Water Ballast : 2 x 750 litres
  • Ballast : 1700 kg
  • Upwind sail area : 115 sq.m
  • Downwinf sail area : 220 sq.m
  • Engine : 29hp NANNI diesel
  • Construction : Vinylester infusion
  • CE certification : category A
  • Compliance : Class 40


The AKILARIA 40 is manufactured in a female mould, the hull bottom is infused balsa and fibreglass sandwich construction and the upper sides are foam and fibreglass sandwich construction.
The deck is infused fibreglass and foam sandwich construction; all internal structures such as the longitudinal and transverse bulkheads are infused fibreglass and foam sandwich construction.
The floors are made of monolithic infused vinylester fibreglass from a female mould.
These are glued to the hull bottom with PLEXUS (methacrylate glue): this material guarantees a mechanical as well as a chemical bonding.
The deck is also glued to the hull with PLEXUS. Stanchions bolted through the hull deck bonding complete the connection.
All interiors are in composite material: chart table, galley.
Each and every piece is systematically weighed during the building of the boat.

Safety on deck

Stainless steel pulpit, two stainless steel side push pits, one central push pit, with a double row of stainless steel lifelines all around, supported by 5 stanchions on each side.
The stanchions are in stainless steel, tapered at the top with a support leg.
A LEWMAR LP 54 survival hatch on the central POD. Akilaria 40 standard


The cockpit was designed to optimize ease of manoeuvring and to facilitate navigation with a reduced crew and single-handed sailing.
Both tillers are fitted with Spinlock telescopic tiller extension. The HARKEN main sail sheet traveller is of self-supported type.
The steering positions are fitted with foot chocks on the cockpit floor which provide support during manoeuvres.
The cockpit is self-draining.
The companionway is fitted with two hatches, one of which closes the panels and which provides a comfortable and sheltered lookout point.

Ballast systems

Two No. 2 type SOFOSCOOP bailers, electric charging pump, quarter-turn transfer valves, 750 litre ballast tanks, divided into : 500 litres in the centre (on the plating in the galley) and 250 litres aft (on the plating in the aft compartments), in order to play on the longitudinal balance.
Each ballast tank comes with watertight inspection hatches and vents to the deck.


The mast is in prepreg carbon, autoclaved and fitted with two levels of spreaders.
It stands on the deck on an anodised aluminium plate. The gooseneck fitting is attached with wound carbon.
The masthead is also carbon.
The boom is aluminium.
The bowsprit is in carbon on anodised aluminium flanges.
Akilaria 40 standard

Standing riggingt

Rod standing rigging including a main stay and on each side a V1 V2 D3 turnbuckle cable, 1 diagonal cable 1 on turnbuckle, 1 diagonal cable 2 on turnbuckle.
One textile forestay sail stay, a set of lower backstays and one set of high backstays complete the Rods.


Harken winches :
  • 2 x B44-2STA on the roof,
  • 2 x B40-2STA and 2 x B46-STA on the cockpit coaming,
  • 1 x B44-2STA for the mainsail shyeet on the central pod.
All blocks, turrets and cleats are Harken make.
The clutches are Spinlocks and the stainless steel pad eyes are Wichard.

Steering system

The system was designed and built in cooperation with JP3.
2 stock and bearing tillers, transmission to the rudders by aluminium rudder bars on ball joints.
Rudder stocks in 49mm diameter F16PH with pins in the rudder profiles. The rudders hang beneath the hull and are made up from female moulds.
The stocks are mounted on JP3 self-aligning ball bearings.
The tillers are made up of reinforced glued laminated mahogany fibreglass.


Keel fin in HR steel and lead bulb manufactured by Lerner.
The fin is finished in the yard with a PVC foam, fibreglass and epoxy fairing.
Particular attention is paid to the finishing of the profile.


NANNI 29 HP diesel engine with sail drive on composite chassis integrated into the hull structure.
Engine compartment ventilated by forced ventilation which is activated as soon as the engine is switched on.
Keyless engine panel with tachometer in the starboard aft cabin.
SPINLOCK engine control lever on the starboard upright end of the central pod.
A 53 litre diesel tank under the cockpit, behind the engine compartment.
Two-blade folding propeller.

Electrical Installations

  • 1 Balmar 100A alternator
  • 1 AGM 12V 50A OPTIMA engine starter battery
  • 2 12V 120A service gel batteries
  • 1 load distributor
  • BEP 12v electrical panel with 20 circuit-breakers and battery testers
  • 3 battery isolation switches.
  • 1 12V socket on chart table
  • HELLA red white LED ceiling light with a dimmer in the galley, red white LED chart light
  • LED navigation lights: 1 red and 1 green on pulpit at the level of the high lifelines, stern lights on aft central pulpit, anchor light on mast head
Akilaria 40 standard

Fore cabin

Large sail locker opening onto the deck with a LEWMAR LP 54.hatch
Mattress on bunk.
Chemical toilet (marine toilet optional)

Central cabin

Companionway with hinged door.
Three step ladder.
Central chart table with upright electronic console.
Chart table seat with stainless steel legs.
Cushions on bench seat and on chart table seat.
Fixed electrical panel in the upper console.
Central galley with stainless steel sink, 1 burner gimballed hob.
500 l side water ballast tanks, each of them with two clear watertight hatches.

Aft cabins

Bunks with adjustable frames on hoist.
250 l water ballast tanks on the platings fitted with a clear watertight hatch.
Access to the engine compartment through hatches on the longitudinal bulkheads.
A 53 l fuel tank in engine compartment.


Flush plastic through hulls fitted with a quarter turn valve.
A 42 l water tank.
Cold water through hand pump tap.


Two bilge pumps: one electrical, one manual.
Drainage strainer on a mobile hose stowed on a reel behind the engine compartment.


Boat delivered without electronics, without lines, without standard rigging and without safety equipment.

These documents are non contractual and the yard reserves the right to change the equipment described and the specifications of the boat at any time and without prior notice.

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